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Outdoor Advertising Permit

Basic Requirement

Application forms duly completed by applicant(s) should be submitted to the Physical Planning Department with the following attachments;

  • Receipt of payment (Application form(s))
  • Company’s certificate of incorporation/commencement of business
  • Business Operating Permit (BOP) (Companies operating within AMA’s jurisdiction). Applicant(s) operating outside AMA shall present evidence of BOP from operating MMDAs.
  • List of proposed locations and photo montage of the area(s) (Google Map of the proposed area(s)) and a site plan of the area(s) as well as GPS Coordinates.
  • Copies of architectural designs and structural drawings of proposed billboard(s) and signage(s) endorsed by a certified architect or an engineer.
  • Evidence of insurance cover
  • Evidence of a written consent (clearance) from the property owner (if proposed site is on a private property)
  • Geotechnical studies/investigation
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The following steps by step procedures shall apply to all outdoor advertisement aplications:

Step One

On submission, an applicant pays a non-refundable application processing fee and shall be informed about the following:

  • Corrections to be made (if any)
  • Date for site inspection
Step Two

The Secretariat would process the application within 10 working days of receipt of application for Inspection, Assessment and Recommendation by the Technical Sub-Committee.

The Technical Sub-Committee’s recommendations on the application(S) will be forwarded to the Accra Metropolitan Spatial Planning Committee within a month of receipt of Application(s) for final decision.

All approvals (permits) or otherwise shall be communicated to applicant(s) by the Secretariat within a month.

Step Three

Applicant(s) shall pay an approved permit fee to the Assembly/Bank as indicated in the approval letter
Applicant(s) shall pay an approved Annual Renewal Fee(s) to the Assembly.

NB: All fees (Submission, Approval and Annual Renewal fee(s)) shall be determined based on the Assembly’s Fee-Fixing Resolution.

Mounting/Installation Of Billboards And Signages

  • Applicant(s) shall mount the approved billboard(s) and signage(s) under the Monitoring of the Physical Planning, Metro Works,
  • Metro Planning Coordinating Unit and Urban Roads Departments of the Technical Sub-Committee.
  • The supervision of construction shall be the responsibility of the consultant (Certified architect or structural/civil engineer) of the applicant (for signage 50m2 and above).
  • Attached monitoring forms signed by the Director Physical Planning Department, Director Metro Works Department, Director Urban Roads Department and the Metro Development Planning Officer as evidence of supervision and copies submitted to MPCU for retention. Failure of applicant(s) to submit copies of signed monitoring form would compel the technical committee to revoke/terminate the permit.
  • Applicant issued with a Unique Coded Sticker for embossment.