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Situation report on Sea erosion/high tidal wave

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It was on 7th November, 2021 dawn when high tidal waves caused damage to properties and houses of the residents of Keta Municipal and Anloga district respectively.

Over 3000 people of the above districts have been rendered homeless and their livestock like goats, sheep, ducks and food items were swept by the floodwater of high tidal waves. It was a very sympathetic scene. Some farmlands were also flooded by seawater in Anloga district (Agbledomi Community).

Some of the communities hit by the high waves are: Keta Central, Kedzikope, Abutiakope, Tetevikope, Tetekope and Nukpesekorpe within Keta municipality. The rest are Dzita, Fuveme and Agbledomi within Anloga district.

Relief items support:

Three days after the havoc caused by High Tidal Waves, the National NADMO Officials together with the Regional Office and district Officers brought some relief items to the affected victims. Some of the items include rice, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, mattresses etc.

One week after the disaster, Ex-president John Dramani Mahama also paid a visit to the victims in both Keta Municipal and Anloga District and donated to the victims in order to lessen their sufferings. He urged the victims not to lose hope since God is by their sides. Some of the items he brought were; rice, mattresses and tin fish.


On Thursday, 18th November, 2021, Coastal Development Authority (CODA) also came to the rescue of the affected victims. Some of their relief items were 300 head pans for women, 4000 detergents, 30 subsidized out board motors for the fishermen etc.

In addition, the Later Days Saints Church people donated some relief items: 600 pieces of mattresses, rice, mosquito nets and others to the three area affected by the recent tidal waves. The districts being Anloga, Keta and Ketu.

The team was led by NADMO Director General, the Deputy NADMO, the Regional NADMO, the District Officers includes the Regional Minister Hon. Dr. Letsa.

Dr. Letsa, the Regional Minister thanked the donors very much for their donations and promised to distribute the items to the people who were affected.

He used the opportunity to address the media personnel who were present to cover the handing over ceremony of the items.

The minister asked the journalists to report what the real issue was about the disaster, because some of them were saying the government was not able to help the victims but this assertion was not true. He said the representatives of government being DCEs, NADMO Officers   and the Regional Minister responded promptly to the affected victims since the unfortunate event occurred.

Some of the journalists asked questions about long-term measures to curb the disturbance of sea erosion and devastating effects of high tidal waves.

In respond, he said the government was doing what it could being short medium and long term measures to solve the problem for our brothers and sisters along the coastal lines of the Volta Region.

On the same day of 18th November 2021, other donations were made by Cowbell at the Keta Municipal later in the afternoon. Some of their items were Minavital, Cowbell, onga forks, spoons, books and others. The leader of the group Mr. Gideon Kodo said they only brought the items to support the victims including the children. He has said it is the cooperate responsibility to deal with the local communities with products hence the need to support them.

The MCEs and the Chiefs of Keta and Ketu Municipals were present to receive to items. Also present were some Assembly members and Unit Committees of affected Communities.


The Health Screening was done for three affected constituencies being Keta, Anloga and Ketu South. The free Health screening was organized by CODA which started from Friday 19th November – 21st November, 2021.

Some of the communities covered were Agorkedzi, Fuveme, and Dzita all within Anloga District. Kedzikope, Keta, Abutiakope and Nukpese within Keta Municipal. Other communities were Salakorpe, Adina, Amutinu etc within Ketu South Municipal.

The free medication was provided for tidal waves victims by the health team from Accra and Keta. Both children and elderly were screened.


  1. The reactions of the people were that of mixed feelings; some victims said the response of the government was not prompt.
  2. Some said that, the government response was very swift and prompt in terms of relief items.
  3. Some victims were of the view that, the government has to look for money and continue sea defence project from Dzita down to Fuveme.
  4. Some also said they were very much happy with the supports they were receiving from the government and NGOs.

In conclusion, the high tidal waves caused a lot of damage to properties and other items, which slowed down the economic activities of the affected communities. However, as at now, the flood has resided and some fishermen have started casting their nets for fish. Some NGOs have also promised to come to rescue of the affected communities with their donations.

Story By : Freedom Vitashie

Author: james

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