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Posted by: Fred Addo
Category: Administration, KeMA, Keta Municipal Health DirectorateI

The directorate with directive from Regional Health Directorate organized mass vaccination within the community and the coverage was very low. This lead to stakeholder’s engagement to brief them on the state of health issues within the municipality and ways to improve upon coverage. The aim of was to ensure that, the municipality has at least 80% of the populace vaccinate and protected against COVID -19 virus and also to achieve 90% municipal sensitization on COVID 19. A total of 107 persons participated in the program, which include: The Regional Director of Health Services, Municipal Chief Executive, Member of Parliament for Keta Municipal, chiefs, Municipal Director of education, Municipal Director of Health service, Islamic Heads, Assemblymen, second cycle Heads etc. Political party representative etc.

A day after the stakeholders meeting, a mass COVID 19 vaccination was carried out in the municipality. A coverage of 110% of the target population was reached by the end of the 4 days activity.

Author: Fred Addo

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