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Posted by: Fred Addo
Category: Administration, KeMA, Keta Municipal Health DirectorateI

Supportive supervision is one of the key ways to improve staff quality of care and skills in delivery of care as well as identifying staff and clients needs. As part of the job of management of health service a supportive supervisory visit was paid to 32 child welfare clinic sessions at outreaches site and 12 static clinics in the facilities within the municipality. All clinic sessions carried out immunization against preventable disease and children’s under-five’s growth were monitored. This was to ascertain if any has malnutrition issues. The following feedback from the outreach and static sites were a total of 3,321 children were weighed out of which 2 were underweight and 64 were stunted. A total of 799 children under five were vaccinated against childhood preventable diseases. 127 newly born up to 11 months were vaccinated with BCG. 521 were vaccinated with 1st to 3rd dose of polio vaccine, 170 children 0-11 months were vaccinated with pneumococcal vaccine, 97 were vaccinated with Measles and Yellow Fever vaccine and 54 and 63 children were vaccinated with measles 2 and Men A vaccine respectively.

Author: Fred Addo

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