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Posted by: Fred Addo
Category: Administration, KeMA, Keta Municipal Health DirectorateI

As part of MOFA  and Volta Regional Health Directorate (Nutrition Unit) four yearly  MOFA Nutrition Food Security Survey (MNFS) there is a nationwide nutrition survey and the   aim of this survey is to assess the nutritional state of the nation’s children under five hence nutrition officers were selected from all over the regions for this activity of which Keta Municipal is not an exception. The objective of the exercise is to assess children 0-59 months in connection with breastfeeding and feeding practices of mothers to their children. The survey was  carried out in 25 communities within the municipality. The following communities were part of the survey 5 communities in Keta, 3 communities in Afiadenyigba 4 communities in Abor 2 communities in Atiavi, a community in Asadame, 2 communities in Tsiame, a community in Anyako, Hatorgodo and Abolove respectively, and 3 communities in Abor. A total of 158 children 0-59 anthropocentric data were captured, feeding status and 24 hour dietary information were captured.


Author: Fred Addo

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