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Sanitation as a key factor to safe environment and therefore needs to be practiced daily in all aspect of human life. For this reason, Clean Volta campaign Day was set aside for all MMDAs to observe on third Thursday. In the light of this, Keta municipal Assembly for that matter Anyako zonal council was not left out. the focus was on Seva, Anyako and Konu in the Keta Municipality. Places  targeted were  marked square, refuse disposal site and the landing beach

The exercise started at 6:45 am and closed at about 10:30 am. Notable people in attendance were the Municipal Environmental Health Officer (Mr. Jerry Ziddah), and the Assembly member of the electoral area (Mr.Wisdom Seadey), a representative from the Municipal Environmental Health Office (Ms Partricia Babina), Unit committee members and one hundred and thirty-nine (139) community members (69 males and 70 females).

The Municipal Health Officer in his opening speech eocouraged the community members to uphold spirit of team work towards good sanitation and hygiene practices. He added that good sanitation practices prevent a lot of communicable diseases such as cholera, typhoid and other sicknesses which are sanitation related. He further cautioned the community members to closely monitored their children and prevent them from practicing open defecation. The director in his concluding speech thank the entire community and the leaders for their turn out and appeal for peaceful coexistence in their various homes and the community at large.

The Assembly member in his speech pleaded with the community to turn up a good leaf and attitudes and show deep commitment toward community cleaning. He said this is the only way they can together build and develop their community. According to Hon. Seadey, the development of a community does not lie only on one person’s head but rather a collective responsibility and commitment of its members. He concluded his speech by congratulating the participant for their time spent on the clean-up exercise and entreat them to remain committed towards such event since it is the only way to ensure the safety of their community environment.

The final speech to the participant was made by Mad. Patricia Babina, a representative from the Abor Zonal Environmental Health Office. Her address focused on maintaining open defecation free environment and construction of household latrines. She further encouraged the people to be actively involved in matters of good, clean and sanitation in their various homes and work places.

She retaireted that the Environmental Health office is open and ready to educate individual, groups and churches on sanitation related activities and entreat the community members to report any person whose action undermine the safety of the environment to the office for them to be punish according to the law.

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