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The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah, held a public engagement session with Chiefs and opinion leaders at the Atiavi information centre, focusing on ongoing projects and community development initiatives.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. Gemegah acknowledged the delay in the road construction project to Atiavi Glime due to the contractor’s demise but assured prompt resumption of work. He reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfilling promises of delivering developmental projects, particularly in rural communities like Atiavi.

Inspecting the 10-seater toilet facility at Gbebuinu M/A Basic School and the township, Hon. Gemegah emphasized the importance of completing these projects to eradicate open defecation, consequently reducing the incidence of cholera and diarrhoea in the community.

Highlighting the progress of the 3-unit KG block at Atiavi E.P School, nearing completion, he pledged to return in three months to commission the facility. Hon. Gemegah reaffirmed the administration’s proactive approach to problem-solving, aiming for tangible results that benefit the expanding Atiavi township.

In conclusion, Hon. Gemegah expressed gratitude to the attendees and urged collective efforts towards Atiavi’s development, emphasizing the community’s pivotal role in its growth and prosperity.

Author: Fred Addo

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