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Posted by: Fred Addo
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To brief the members of the group on the policies of NYA and how beneficial formation of youth group is. Francis K. Susuawu Director, NYA, Keta The NYA Director spoke to the group, leveraging on the NYA policies towards youth empowerment and advancement in the Secretariat and the country at large.

He explained the benefits available to the youth groups including political empowerment evident in the youth Parliament initiative, economic empowerment in a form of skills acquisition, master craftsmanship and any other social activity that will be of benefit to them.

Challenges affecting the group is that:

  1. Most members are unemployed despite acquiring tertiary and secondary qualifications.
  2. Some members acquired skills but with no financial means to operate their businesses.

Some fishing folks in the community use unlawful methods in fishing rendering some of them redundant in their fishing expedition.

The Vodza Youth Association recommended for the Secretariat to organize programmes that will equip the members with;

  • skills acquisition,
  • capacity building
  • youth in aqua-culture development
  • youth in sports
  • youth in leadership skills

Author: Fred Addo

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