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Posted by: Fred Addo
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Keta Municipal Assembly hosted a one-day sensitization and capacity-building workshop aimed at equipping Environmental Health Officers with the knowledge required to effectively fulfil additional responsibilities within Zonal Councils across the Keta Municipality. The event, held at the Keta Education Directorate Conference Room, featured comprehensive sessions addressing various aspects of local governance and council operations.

Mr. Jones Nketiah, the Human Resource Manager, underscored the pivotal role of Zonal Councils in the decentralization policy, emphasizing their significance in local development and service delivery. He highlighted the responsibilities entrusted to Zonal Council members under the Local Governance Act 2016 and urged participants to diligently execute their duties for community growth and welfare

The workshop aimed to sensitize participants on the provisions of relevant legislation, familiarize them with Zonal Council roles, and promote the operationalization of these councils for enhanced service delivery and revenue mobilization.

Senior staff from the Keta Municipal Assembly, including Mr Lawrence Awunyo, Mr Joseph Kofi Kabibayo, and Mr Bless Arku, led the training sessions. A total of 129 participants, comprising both male and female Environmental Health Officers, actively engaged in the workshop.

The sessions covered critical topics such as council membership, tenure, removal procedures, and council functions. Participants gained insights into revenue ceding, bank account management, revenue sharing arrangements, and the process of levying rates.

Group discussions provided valuable insights, highlighting the need for improved revenue collection practices, mitigation of political interference, and enhanced motivation for revenue collectors. Recommendations included public education initiatives, timely payment of allowances, and the engagement of a prosecutor to handle revenue defaulters.

The workshop concluded with a call for collective efforts to ensure the functionality and operationalization of Zonal Councils. The Municipal Coordinating Director expressed gratitude to facilitators and participants, urging them to apply the knowledge gained for the benefit of their communities.

In summary, the sensitization workshop served as a platform for empowering Environmental Health Officers with the requisite knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to local governance and community development within the Keta Municipality.

Author: Fred Addo

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