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Posted by: Fred Addo
Category: Administration, Capacity Building, KeMA, Report

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) representative conducted a specialized training session for the management team of the Keta Municipal Assembly. The training focused on the implementation and effective utilization of the newly launched myAssembly.gov.gh platform.

MyAssembly.gov.gh is an innovative digital platform designed to streamline administrative processes and enhance transparency within municipal assemblies. It enables seamless interaction between citizens, businesses, and local authorities, simplifying tax payment procedures and providing real-time access to essential services.

During the training, participants learned about the platform’s features, including online tax filing, revenue tracking, and data management. The GRA aims to empower the Keta Municipal Assembly with the necessary tools to efficiently manage tax-related matters, ultimately fostering economic growth and improved public service delivery.

Author: Fred Addo

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