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As part of measures to have reliable and accurate data as well as to mitigate the spread of communicable diseases among people through the sale of contaminated foods and drinks in the Municipality, the Assembly has made it yearly affair to conduct medical screening examination for all commercial foods, drinks, herbal, drugs, handlers, sellers, Millers, fish mongers, sachet water producers and their employees in the Keta municipality.
As this also in accordance to Sec 51-53 of Act 851 of Public Health Law. 2012 as well as Keta municipality Assembly Bye-Law.
In an effort to minimize these health hazards and in pursuance of the Law on the commercial handling of food and drinks, the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit of the Assembly in collaboration with “HG Medical Laboratory Services “conducted this year’s medical screening examination exercise.
The exercise started on the 22nd day of February to 30th March 2023.
The ultimate goal of this exercise is to ensure that all food and drinks handlers are medically fit to handle and sell wholesome food to the general public.
The test conducted during the exercise consists of physical examination and Laboratory test.
These are;
Physical Examination…. Laboratory Test
1, Hand nails. 1, Widal Test
2, Nostrils. 2, Blood Pressure (BP)
3, Cough. 3, Weight
4, Ear. 4, Urine Routine/
5, Skin. Examination
The Laboratory consist of medical procedure that involves testing of a sample of blood, urine or other substance from the body.

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