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Mr. Francis K. Susuawu the NYA Director explained to the youth group some of the NYA policies towards youth empowerment and advancement, couple with available opportunities under NYA giving the youth the chance to acquire skills to earn for living including political empowerment, evident in the youth Parliament initiative, economic empowerment in a form of skills acquisition, master craftsmanship and any other social activity that will be of benefit to them, most of which comes when the youth are in groups.

The NYA Director recommended for the group to consider opening bank account for safe keeping of their money. He also suggested for the youth group to review their constitution to help them manage the group effectively considering the arising challenges.

Some of the challenges the youth group faces are that:

  1. Non-payment of monthly dues by most members
  2. Absenteeism from meetings by most members,

Some recommendations from the group

Abutiakope Alordekameleatodzo Youth Group resolved to insure the group to aid in times of loss of a member.

That the group takes new measures to compel members to pay membership dues.

That an executive meeting be held prior to every general meeting.

That amendment be made to the existing constitution to address the current irregularities in the group.

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