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Posted by: Fred Addo
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Francis Susuawu, the Municipal Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA) in Keta, conducted an open forum session with the Abutiakope Alordekameleatodzo Youth Association. The purpose was to elucidate the operational framework enabling the youth to function effectively.

During the session, Director Susuawu elaborated on NYA policies geared towards youth empowerment and advancement. He underscored the array of opportunities available under NYA, emphasizing skill acquisition programs aimed at enhancing livelihoods. These initiatives encompass political empowerment, exemplified by the youth Parliament initiative, and economic empowerment through skill acquisition and master craftsmanship.

Director Susuawu emphasized the significance of collective action, highlighting the benefits that accrue to youth when they operate within organized groups. He encouraged active participation in social activities conducive to personal and communal development.

The engagement served as a platform for constructive dialogue and informed the youth about avenues for personal growth and community contribution. As the NYA continues its efforts to empower the youth, such interactions foster collaboration and progress within local communities. Stay tuned for more updates on youth initiatives and empowerment programs.

Author: Fred Addo

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