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The Assembly Hall of the Keta Municipal Assembly resonated with deliberations and resolutions during the Spatial Planning Committee Meeting. The rollcall showcased notable attendees from various sectors crucial to municipal development, under the leadership of Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah, the Municipal Chief Executive

The meeting commenced with a solemn opening prayer led by the Physical Planning Officer, setting a tone of reverence and focus. Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah, in his opening address, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing active participation and contribution to the agenda.

Under the stewardship of the Physical Planning Officer, the committee meticulously reviewed the minutes of previous meetings, ensuring accuracy and completeness, before unanimously accepting them.

A significant agenda item revolved around the approval of the layout for the Keta reclaimed land area. The Physical Planning Officer presented a comprehensive layout plan, sparking discussions on crucial aspects such as road infrastructure and public awareness strategies. Togbi James Ocloo V advocated for involving traditional leaders and promptly opening proposed roads to deter unauthorized constructions. Additionally, suggestions were made for the erection of poles and signages to regulate land use. The proposal garnered unanimous approval, reflecting the committee’s commitment to progressive urban planning.

Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah concluded the meeting with heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the collective efforts and dedication of the committee members toward municipal development.

The proceedings drew to a closewith a closing prayer led by Togbi James Ocloo V, underscoring the significance of unity and divine guidance in the pursuit of communal progress. The meeting adjourned, leaving a trail of collaborative endeavors and aspirations for a better Keta Municipality.

Author: Fred Addo

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