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Mr. Yao Semorde, Regional Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA), inaugurated a comprehensive training workshop aimed at over one thousand hairstylists in the Volta Region. The workshop, designed to enhance their skills and knowledge, emphasized the importance of paying attention to absorb crucial topics related to hairstyling trends and materials.

During the workshop, participants received demonstrations on emerging hairstyle trends and the introduction of new materials into the market. Mr. Semorde stressed the need for participants to adapt to these new products and styles to remain competitive. Moreover, the workshop aimed to educate hairstylists on the cost-effectiveness of these products and trending hairstyles.

Representatives from Kanekalon, a prominent producer of Japanese fiber used in hairstyling, highlighted the health benefits associated with their products for both clients and hairstylists. Additionally, Mr. Semorde provided insights into healthy business practices to ensure sustainable operations.

With over one thousand participants from eighteen districts in the Volta Region, the workshop signifies a concerted effort to enhance the professionalism and competitiveness of hairstylists. By staying abreast of emerging trends and adopting cost-effective practices, participants are poised to deliver quality services while sustaining profitable businesses.

Author: Fred Addo

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