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The Keta Municipal Assembly spatial planning committee meeting, commencing proceedings with a solemn opening prayer led by the dedicated Physical Planning Officer, invoking divine guidance and wisdom for the tasks ahead.

Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah, the Chairman and Municipal Chief Executive, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, expressing gratitude for their presence and emphasizing active participation and contribution to the agenda items.

Under the guidance of the Secretary, the committee diligently reviewed the minutes of previous meetings, ensuring accuracy and completeness, culminating in unanimous acceptance by the members.

The committee addressed a series of letters and a petition concerning land applications and a cemetery delay in Vodza-Adzido. Discussions revealed underlying chieftaincy issues requiring resolution for the cemetery allocation. Togbi James Ocloo V advocated for a communal burial ground, while the Municipal Coordinating Director stressed the importance of land allocation for public use, managed by the Assembly.

The Physical Planning Officer presented a detailed layout for the Keta reclaimed land area, sparking discussions on road infrastructure and public awareness strategies. Suggestions included informing traditional leaders, opening proposed roads promptly, and implementing signages to regulate land use. The committee endorsed the layout, highlighting the need for community engagement and 3D projections for public awareness.

Eight development applications were scrutinized, with seven plans approved and one deferred due to missing certificates. This underscores the committee’s commitment to ensuring adherence to safety and environmental standards.

Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah concluded the meeting with gratitude for the collective efforts of the committee members in advancing municipal development. The session concluded with a closing prayer led by Togbi James Ocloo V, reinforcing unity and purpose in community endeavors.

Author: Fred Addo

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