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Posted by: Fred Addo
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In a remarkable move to enhance efficiency and modernize property rate collection, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has donated Samsung Galaxy tablets and Reflector Vest to the Keta Municipal Property Rate Collection Team. This ground breaking initiative aims to streamline the collection process and improve revenue generation for the Keta Municipal Assembly.

The donation ceremony took place earlier today, with the presence of high-ranking officials from the GRA and the Keta Municipal Assembly. The Samsung Galaxy tablets and the reflector vests were handed over to the Technical support and the collection team, who eagerly embraced the new technology.

These cutting-edge tablets are equipped with advanced software applications specifically designed for property rate collection and management. They will enable the team to accurately record property information, update payment records in real-time, and efficiently track outstanding dues. With the tablets, the collection team will be able to access property data and retrieve important information at their fingertips, significantly reducing paperwork and increasing productivity.

The support by GRA is expected to revolutionize property rate collection in the Keta Municipality, leading to improved revenue generation and better service delivery to residents. The implementation of modern technology underscores the GRA’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting local authorities in maximizing revenue collection.

As the Keta Municipal Property Rate Collection Team embarks on this new era of digitization, stakeholders anticipate a more transparent, streamlined, and effective system that will contribute to the growth and development of the municipality.

Author: Fred Addo

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