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Posted by: Fred Addo
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The  Chief Director Augustus K. Awitty, the AG Regional Coordinating Director, accompanied by HR Manager Cyril Xatse (CHRMP), Regional Head of the Human Resource Department, paid a working visit to the Keta Municipal Assembly under the Volta Regional Coordinating Council.

During the visit, Chief Director Awitty expressed concern over the persistent issue of absenteeism and tardiness among staff members. He emphasized those common excuses, as transportation challenges, will no longer be entertained.

Awitty called upon the employees to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and punctuality, urging them to repent from habitual lateness. Additionally, he highlighted the need for increased vigilance in safeguarding sensitive information and stressed the importance of inter-departmental collaboration for effective monitoring.

Furthermore, Chief Director Awitty assigned the task of overseeing the proper functioning of substructures within the assemblies to the respective directors, underscoring the significance of a cohesive and functional organizational framework.


Author: Fred Addo

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