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Posted by: Fred Addo
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In a move to combat antibiotic resistance and ensure public safety, the Keta Municipal Hospital, in collaboration with the Municipal Environmental Health Officer (MEHO), the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), and External Auditors’ Office, conducted a thorough disposal and destruction of expired medicines and related items.

Expired medicines pose a grave risk of bacterial growth, leading to the failure of antibiotics in treating infections and potentially causing more severe illnesses. This disposal initiative aims to mitigate these risks.

During the operation, 34,537 expired medicines were carefully disposed of by burning. Additionally, 43,759 pieces of other expired items were also safely incinerated. The collaborative effort reflects a commitment to public health and the prevention of antibiotic resistance, a growing global concern.

The Medical Superintendent, Accountant, Administrator, and Pharmacist of the Keta Municipal Hospital actively participated in discussions with the supervisory agencies, emphasizing the importance of proper disposal procedures.

This responsible action serves as a reminder to healthcare institutions and individuals alike that the safety and effectiveness of medicines cannot be guaranteed once their expiration dates have passed. Proactive measures like this disposal are crucial in safeguarding public health and preserving the efficacy of antibiotics.

Author: Fred Addo

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