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The grand finale of Season 4 of the Young Minds Intellectual Quiz Competition 2023 showcased the intellectual prowess of four basic schools: Ketasco Basic, Payless International, Bright Future Academy, and the Lord’s Academy. Bright Future Basic emerged as the victor, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey.

The quiz competition, aimed at promoting academic excellence and elevating the standard of basic school education in Keta and Anloga Districts, culminated in an intense battle of knowledge across six subject areas: English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science, ICT, and General Knowledge. Participants were tested on their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and comprehension of the English language.

Esteemed individuals such as Hon. Godwin Edudzi Effa, Mr. Joel Degue, Mamaga Buiekpor II, Mr. Courage Fiagbe, and Mr. Francis Susuawu, Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA) for Keta and Anloga, served as resource persons, providing guidance and support throughout the competition.

The success of Bright Future Basic in the quiz competition highlights the importance of initiatives aimed at nurturing young minds and fostering academic excellence. By engaging in such competitions, students are not only motivated to strive for academic success but also groomed for higher career prospects. The involvement of esteemed individuals as resource persons underscores the community’s commitment to educational development and the cultivation of future leaders.


Author: Fred Addo

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