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Mr. Godwin Tettey, acting on behalf of the Chairman, welcomed all members and explained the delay due to an emergency management meeting. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in formulating a budget to ensure effective implementation.

The proposed 2024 fee fixing resolutions from various Zonal councils were unanimously recommended and forwarded to the Finance and Administration subcommittee for further deliberation. Municipal Budget Analyst (MBA) presented the Programme-Based Budgeting approach, linking planned expenditures to desired results for improved service delivery. The budget, inclusive of various funding sources, aims at enhancing operational efficiency and accountability within the Keta Municipal Assembly.

Key presentations included Planning, Budget, and Statistics, outlining operational objectives. The Social Welfare Dept highlighted initiatives to integrate vulnerable groups, enrolling around 100 individuals for social intervention. The Human Resources discussed capacity-building efforts supported by the DACF.

After comprehensive presentations, the composite programme-based budget for 2024 was forwarded for further review. Strategies brainstormed for revenue enhancement included database updates, task force establishment, and community sensitization on tax obligations.

The Chairman expressed gratitude for active participation, anticipating a productive year ahead for the Assembly.

Author: Fred Addo

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