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An assessment team led by Mr. Muniru Hassan from Excel Consult Firm embarked on a thorough evaluation of the assembly’s performance. The session commenced with a heartfelt prayer from Mr. Prince Amuzu of the Statistical Department, setting a solemn tone for the proceedings.

Coordinating Director, Innocent Gauva, facilitated introductions among attendees, including all heads of departments and the esteemed Presiding Member, Hon. Amos Ameshie. Mr. Hassan elaborated on the assessment’s purpose, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and timely document submission.

Highlighting the team’s meticulous approach, Mr. Hassan delineated responsibilities within Team B, comprising members dedicated to assessing performance and service delivery indicators. Emphasizing the need for comprehensive cooperation, Mr. Hassan outlined the assessment’s significance in fostering municipal development.

Hon. Amos Ameshie presiding member (PM) reaffirmed the assembly’s commitment to facilitating the assessment, expressing confidence in the team’s expertise. He urged staff members, including Mr. Bless Arku, Mr. Jones Nketia, Mr. Harrison Adigbli, and Madam Jasmine, to serve as crucial liaisons, ensuring seamless collaboration.

With a collective aspiration for a fruitful evaluation, the assembly and assessment team embarked on this collaborative endeavor, poised to chart a path toward enhanced municipal development and service delivery

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