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Afiadenyigba Senior High Secondary School embarked on a transformative journey towards academic excellence with a series of interactive keynotes under the theme “Rebirth of Academic Excellence in Afiadenyigba Senior High Secondary School, 2023.” The event emphasized the significance of academic excellence and competencies in shaping students’ career trajectories.

Experienced personalities, including Hon. Emmanuel Ahlodzah, Municipal Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA) for Akatsi South, and representatives from the Keta National Youth Authority District Secretariats, were invited to provide guidance and insights into the roadmap for students’ future engagements in various fields of work. Through engaging sessions, students were empowered with the necessary knowledge and inspiration to excel academically and pursue their career aspirations with confidence.

The interactive keynotes catalyze fostering a culture of academic excellence and career readiness among students at Afiadenyigba Senior High. By leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals, the school aims to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their academic pursuits and future endeavours. This initiative underscores the commitment of the school and its stakeholders to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

Author: Fred Addo

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