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The Environmental Health Officers of the Keta Municipal Assembly move to enhance public health, a routine house-to-house inspection was conducted, revealing common nuisances such as unswept compounds, algae growth in bathhouses, and refuse accumulation in exposed containers. Residents were educated on the health risks associated with these issues, prompting immediate corrective actions. Sweeping compounds and goat pens, scrubbing bathhouses, proper refuse disposal, utensil washing, and sullage scooping were implemented promptly. Abatement notices were served, and compliance was achieved. Notably, during market inspections in Abutiakope, Keta, Dzelukope, Vui, Nukpesekope, Vodza, Adzido, Xorvi, Anyako, and Tsiame, a concerning image emerged of exposed smoked fish attracting flies, underscoring the importance of ongoing public health and hygiene education efforts.

Author: Fred Addo

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